We love to bike! And, we would love you to love riding too.

Why wtf* ? On one very serious perspective, we aim to influence the World Towards Fixies* and get everyone to be friendlier to mother nature. Of course, we are not the hippy kind, not forcing anyone to parade in boring bikes.

Everybody’s set of wheels say something about the person. How do we say ‘exciting?’ Is there a way to say ‘beautifully-aggressive-for-a-girl?’, ‘i-like-80s,’. Can this be done? Of course. Fixie is 100% customizable, with many variation of colours, parts, styling and weight requirements.

Lately, we have been put to test by expressive customers and we’re happy with the challenge. wtf* stock many styles range so we can build the right fixie to answer to every individual needs. Good news for fixie-virgins too, because we have beginner friendly fixies to suit your budget. We know there are many deviations on prices and parts, and perhaps you may want to start with something simple, before you dive deeper. We know you, coz we were there before (before it became a business, we were building bikes for friends).

Bicycles are no longer just a functional set of wheels. It gets you from point A to point B, with style please. Its an extension of your fashion, the attitude you are wearing today. Besides fixies, you will soon see us extending our line beyond bikes and into all kinds of biking accessories to make riding more fun and more everyday.

After all, how we love to get the World Towards Fixie is to get you loving the look on the ride.

wtf* is now operating in a boutique store in Jiashan Road, Shanghai. Check out our current custom bikes inside and drop us an email at info@wtfbikes.com if you need to know more about the customisation. We are also helping people around the world to get a taste of wtf* bikes so we’re also shipping globally.