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Abercrombie x wtf* Collaboration Ride

It was almost 300pm and the organizers were contemplating whether we’re going to move ahead with the ride. There were still small drizzles and the wet roads are not helping, coupled with gloomy skies. Sundays are meant to be perfect and yet of all day, 13th April wasn’t meant to be a sunny one.

Nevertheless, we were sipping our coffees and got word that we’re going ahead with the ride, cutting down some locations and we’re going to hit the road at 400pm. Hurrah, we got ourselves ready for it.

Working on this project has been an easy one because both our brands has the right personality and it fits like a glove. Abercrombie & Fitch started off as a sporting goods brand back in 1892 and revolutionize itself in 1988 to become an upscale youthful fashion retailer. Similarly, wtf* bikes, while has its tradition in biking are also the pre-eminent brand that’s focusing on revolutionizing bicycle industry into an upscale fashion brand.

One of our latest collaborations, working alongside with Abercrombie & Fitch, was to help them launch their flagship Shanghai store. And part of the solution was to bring their famous global models out on a romp through the beautiful streets of Shanghai, merging the culture, youthfulness and energy in a specially kitted wtf* retro bikes.

It was a great afternoon and here are some photos of our ride … look out for this area as we would be cutting a video of their ride as well.

Abercrombie Store

WTF 094-1

WTF 098-1

WTF 114-1

WTF 134-1

WTF 106-1

WTF 222-1

Abercrombie boys X wtf* Bikes

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