Fuel to Fire

As the heat goes up, everyone hit the ground running with amazing summer activities. One that has been a hot favourite to all of us is cycling – and we’re to blame for adding an immense amount of style and fashion to our friends’ fixie setup. Some say, adding fuel to fire.

We’ve recently done a lot of beautiful, sexy setup in bold colour tones, similar to Paul Smith’s latest SS fashion show. But more to it, we also want to salute men who wants to go back to classic summer look, with enough leather to match that look. Behold, our latest creation in collaboration with our friend, Barry, a professional photographer.

Made with CRMO chrome, the fixie exudes a quiet elegance similar to a Burberry trench or Tod’s loafers. The beautiful handmade leather from Brooks accentuate the look of a perfect gentleman taking a slow walk with his beautiful companion.

In summary, this beautiful setup has been grazing the roads of Shanghai and turning heads everywhere they go.

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