You are what you wear, you are what you ride

It’s such a true statement, isn’t it ?

There’s so many instances of us focusing on what clothes to wear and sometimes forgetting that your ride equally means a lot to your personality. This is one big reason why wtf* wants to change the perception on how people treat their ride – it’s not a mode of transportation BUT a part of your personality, a good one too.

How do we take inspiration ? Without going too much into details, we take cues from the fashion industry and hot new trends out there. It’s important we keep ourselves abreast on the important changes in the trend world so it helps us to create rides that are in the moment and on trend. As an example, you can see how we took the cues and develop our very own look.

This is important for us and our customers as they know when they visit us, they’re basically seeing the latest fashion and trend in a beautiful fixie form. Such a joy !

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