Preview wtf* Spring/Summer Collection 2013

Taking cues on global colourists, designers and architects, we’ve developed a brand new set of colours for our Spring/Summer collection.

One of the main colour for this year chosen by these specialists is indigo. According to them, Indigo is a striking statement colour associated with wisdom and honesty which enhances your environment. Like the dreamy ocean landscapes hidden from everyone but deep sea divers, this colour gives us a sense of tranquillity and stability which is very restful. It’s a big and benevolent colour which combines the trustworthy nature and evocative elegance of robust blue. To understand the two sides of this indigo’s character, just think how we are reassured by blue uniforms worn by those in positions of trust and authority, but can still be dazzled by the facets of a sapphire. The fact that our access to blue this deep and rich in the natural world is limited gives it a magical quality.

From the colour forecast, it has inspired us in creating the 2013 wtf* colour palette and expanded into 4 critical trends – Art of Seduction, Social-ICE, Peace in Me and finally Factory@Home.

Art of Seduction
Some of the colour that seduces you this year might not be the regular red stilettos but actually shades of pastel. Colours in this trend are light, uplifting almost like your childhood memory in an ice-cream parlor. It seduces the inner you and reminds you of the joy of wonderful untainted happiness coming from simplicity.

In this modern times, I’ve always seen our energy being sapped by an electronic device, our concentration build around it and our lives moulded by it. We socialise a lot more but yet we seem cold to our surroundings. Our trend for this season is to introduce this range of colours to remind us that we need to take stock of our real world, the world we’re living in and the world that’s within our 6 feet radius. Anything that’s too far away should not be your priority and you should care for people and things that’s within your reach.

Peace in Me
Inner peace can be attained when we focus on one thing. The less we split ourselves, the more we achieve. Our trend is to show you a strong spot to focus rather than split your attention into multiple view angles. A strong colour can become your guiding principles of the year, helping you to reach your goals with class and finesse.

Working from home has many great advantages but it also comes with a few shortcomings. One of them is you begin to merge the comfort of winding down and the hard realities of intense work pace. While the rooms might create a virtual separation, there’s a constant need to bring this two extremely differing attitudes into a harmonious result. In this trend, we’re trying to provide a series of colours with differing behaviours working in harmony to create something new and meaningful.

There’s much to do in preparation for the season launch but we’re all excited with the colours we can play with and looking forward to have a wonderful time creating some beautiful setups that you would then enjoy as well. As we’re busy preparing for the full release very soon, we’re happy to show you a preview of one simple setup from the Art of Seduction trends.

Joyous 2013 indeed.

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