Wolverine, The Big Fang Theory!

This mutant needs no special powers, but it has a body to kill on sight.

Against all its two-wheeler peers, it has the broadest bladed body tucked between the rider’s legs. Sharp objects are everywhere. To the front, a full carbon-fiber 3-spoke wtf* racing rims cuts away the path for the mutant to race ahead fast. Even if it stands still, it stands still real fast. That’s Wolverine’s power.

Deeper than the looks, this fully molded aluminum alloy frame is outstandingly light weight. Kinda useful in my opinion when I know everyone is eyeing on the monster. Better to be able to move it into my apartment, than allowing prowling villians get close when I rest.

There are fierce details here and there, the super wide body stretches onto the broad body fork. Its naked carbon fiber finish shouts professional racing.

From the cockpit, the rider grips the golden bull horn handle bars. At wtf* we do not believe in compromise, everyone deserves the great look and the greater comfort, nothing less. We wrapped the handles with a set of brown leather grip, and capped the ends with a handsome handle bar studs.

The crankset and pedals are brand name Brain series version, large surface for easy transfer of power for pick-up and quick-stop motions.

Watch the Wolverines move in a pack, it is definitely an interesting sight.

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