The Time Machine

The Time Machine, that turns head.

The word “retro” derives from the Latin prefix retro, meaning “backwards, or in past times,” but this bike is no time machine and it is not a contraption to help you time travel through time to meet dinasaurs and dragons. wtf* took on this project to create a pop-genre ride, similar to pop-art which uses very iconic elements of the past and give it a refreshing modern treatment.

BRG edition exudes just that kind of coolness, as it had truly combined past and the future in its designs.

The few times we rolled it out to give it some sun, people are drawn over quickly. After a stare down with the bike, they’d go, ‘how do you do that?’ pointing to the corked treatment wrapped handle bar. They loved the classic handle bar, but they loved the details we put into the bike. Quickly, we pointed out that it will change colour and become personalised. Cork wrapper will darken around the area we grip, giving it a uniquely seasoned look.

Park it next to another common fixie, then you might notice that the crank, pedals and hubs wear a better shine. No real magic, just very high quality parts used on BRG because it deserves them.

Most of us have seen the ‘复古’ (Retro) Pheonix and Forever in black, and BRG could be easily retro with the same color scheme, but BRG would not be BRG without the ‘British Racing Green’ overcoat.

Would you have missed the Brown Leather Brooks saddle, if I omitted it in the article? Of course not, right? To substantiate our idea further, we added a serious biking accessory from JB Brooks & Co, (est 1866, in Britain)

Now, we always love to guess who would be the BRG match. It has to be one of those cool-creative fellas.

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