Silver Temper

The temperament of this bike is almost too good to be true. Using only the latest US True Temper tubing, you can see the excellent finishing with a touch of gold. While it doesn’t scream, it exudes elegance. This is arguably one of the best setup when you’re seeking quality and beauty a few notch up. We leave nothing to chance … from how we stack the washers until the individual parts that were used in this setup.

Many times, we are proud of the end result because we’re passionate in what we do and we believe we are in the business of creating beautiful things rather than a transportation. Once we’ve got pass that, it became natural that our sole reason for existence is to create that beautiful setup.

This fixie setup is so unique and you can clearly see from the finishing and every single parts that’s being used on it. The photos doesn’t do enough justice on such a beautiful bike and you probably have to see it for yourself to really feel it. Many friends began asking why our bikes seem different from others – My analogy is simple. We don’t see them as a bike or bicycle. We see it as a fashion statement, just like your bags or shoes. Your bags still help you to put stuffs together but yet we continually change them based on mood and fashion. Similarly, your bike should be an extension of your style and fashion which is why we create them based on your personality. Not the other way.

Beyond the frame, we’ve also used an elegant 17mm gold rims coupled with white tires on a Taiwan made gold Novatec hubs for that added touch of style. While you’re riding, the gold rims shines and gleam through the streets with utmost sleek – almost like a model walking down the runway with the latest bling.

We didn’t stop there just yet – we also needed a real sexy saddle and chosen to partner with Brooks by utilising the Team Pro saddle with a gold seatpost. Brooks, to be frank, are made of leather and look very retro … it can be stylish if rubbed the right way but to some, a regular sports saddle might suit equally well. We’re impartial to either because it’s your personality that counts and as a creative customiser, our role is to help put your thinking into a frame, two wheels, a handlebar, cranks, pedals and a saddle.

The final part of this customisation is the bar. We look at the sleekness of this setup and immediately felt the need to use a short straight bar. Its really useful when you need to squeeze through traffic during peak hours.

Here it is, Silver Temper in its full glory. Interested in this setup or customise further, please contact us at

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