New Metal Found

After a long expedition, we’ve finally found a new metal. Blue Gold.

The entire setup just scream attention. It gleams when the sun shines on it and you can literally be amazed how much sun it can soak in. This setup uses CR-MO frame that ensures durability and also weight sensibilities.

We pair this frame with a golden road drop bar, totally bringing a whole new level of sexiness. Road drop bar are far more comfortable than a race drop bar because it has a wider top allowing you to ride without bending all the way.

To create a sleek line, we also put in a white sports saddle and a one piece seatpost.

Topping it out, we use a 50mm gold rims with beautiful white tires and a gold crank with Wellgo pedal.

Our Swedish friends also said we paid homage to their country. How interesting.

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