Autumn / Winter Collection

We just collaborated with Random Friday, a social event and Cafe Sambal in Shanghai on 9th November to debut our latest Autumn / Winter Collection. It was a successful exhibition amidst torrential and irritating rain, we had a huge turnout.

We displayed all together 9 great fixed setups and here are some of them.

The above is called RED Soviet, our latest CR-MO frame setup. It comes with a beautiful racing drop bar, white rims and hot sexy tires.

Sizzling. This is how you would feel when you lay your hands on the beautiful Blue Gold, our no nonsense all out blue gold bling. From get go till you arrive, this bike will shine, scream and glare.

No one can deny you have what it takes to show this off. Even a Ferrari passenger will smile at you … we promise. On a side note, people of Sweden also felt this setup has relevance to their country.

Pinkie is bursting with energy that even the most dull person can shine perfectly. Designed to turn heads, this is one setup that you would constantly want to ride.

It uses the latest aluminium body, a full carbon fiber fork, white innocent straight bar and stem, top up with a Pink wtf* 3-spoke rim, this ride will make people stare. And you want it too.

Be a man, go pink !

The British Racing Green derives from a racing heritage of Britain. This is one of the most admired colour in British history and the colour is applied in almost all motor racing. Our retro bike streamline body creates the classic retro look with clean white rims (30mm) and tires adds a touch of glamour of olden days white walled tires. The look completes itself with a Brooks Narrow saddle and also a Japanese Moustache Bar giving it the look of a classic art piece.

For everything Britain, this is one piece you cannot leave without.

The art of Calligraphy works similarly with this Fixie setup. Clean, single stroke, minimalist and absolutely stunning while full of depth. It doesn’t shout out loud but people know its different.

With a steel frame, this bike is destined to be a great superstar for its highly chrome plated back rims, a Teny 6-spoke rims, beautiful leather wrapped bullhorn bar and a classic Brooks saddle.

Behind Calligraphy is The Joker, made with full aluminium alloy and a lightweight carbon fiber fork, it’s the innocent side of the famous Joker.

We’re showing you some at the moment but we promise there are more on the way. We just need some time to get our things in order before updating you on more news. If you want to constantly be updated, send me an email and you’ll be in the special list. 😉

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